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Alexandra Burke has recorded a secret collaboration

Alexandra Burke has recorded a duet with "an amazing person, a male artist" but revealed that she can't speak publicly about the collaboration at the moment:

"There’s someone I’ve been working with who I can’t say much about yet ’cos I’ll get in so much trouble."

"I went to New York in December and it just happened, it wasn’t planned."

She also explained to The Daily Star how the partnership came about, saying:

“I know a writer called Autumn, who is really good friends with this artist.

“At 6am she said to me: ‘Do you want to go on to another session?’ I said: ‘Cool, let’s go, I’m here to work.’"

“It just happened, and the best things happen when it’s natural and organic.”

The 'Hallelujah' singer is currently on her All Night Long UK Tour and will embrace her inner workaholic when it ends by only taking "two days off" to finish her second album. 

Watch her perform 'All Night Long' live, below: