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Alicia Keys Highlights Shocking Truth About U.S. Women's Prisons for Campaign

Alicia Keys, who has long been an activist for human rights, has uploaded a shocking video in support of Dignity For Incarcerated Women.

The organisation states on its official website that the United States holds 30% of the world’s imprisoned women, shackling them whilst they are giving birth. They are often placed hundreds of miles away from their children, inhibiting the healthy development of their children. Furthermore, they are forced to make unreasonable choices, such as whether to use their commissary funds to either phone home, or purchase sanitary towels.

Grammy Award-winning Keys, who is one of America's best-selling music artists and a mother herself - married to the hip-hop producer, Swizz Beatz - says in the disturbingly powerful but beautifully emotive video:

"I've given birth to two humans. Every year 2,000 women give birth... while in prison. I think to myself, what if I was in prison while pregnant?

"What if I was put in solitary confinement? What if I was not given the healthcare I needed?

"What if the male guards were allowed to watch me in the bathroom?

"What if I had to give birth being shackled and chained to a bed?"

The video features Alicia Keys, Leyla Martinez, Sarah Zarba, Shawnda Chapman Brown and Topeka K. Sam, in partnership with We Are Here Movement.

You can learn more about Dignity here. 

Watch the video and other videos of Alicia Keys, below:

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