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Alicia Keys: 'Bruno Mars is so funny he's a borderline comedian'

'Girl On Fire' hitmaker Alicia Keys has revealed that working with Bruno Mars on her track 'Tears Always Win', which is on her latest album, was a fantastic experience that was enhanced by Mars' comic abilities.

Speaking to Capital FM about the collaboration, she explained that he's an incredibly talented musician and songwriter, but it's his sense of humour that she loved while they were in the studio together:

"I believe this is like his second record and I think that he's a really great artist and writer as well. He's a very unique personality, he had me laughing the whole time. He's really funny!"

"I didn't expect him to be that funny but he's like borderline comedian. So not only is he a great writer and a great artist but he's also a great comedian."

Mars, meanwhile, recently tweeted (January 29) about a meal he ate and joked: "Im pretty sure I just ate the whole cast of Finding Nemo #SushiOverload uugggghhhhh."





Listen to 'Tears Always Win' here: