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Modern Love Hyderabad On Amazon Prime Video, July 8

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Six stories of love, growth, resilience and acceptance.

Modern Love - Hyderabad is an anthology series that is equal parts a study on modern relationships as it is a love letter to the deliciously diverse city of Hyderabad. Each of the 6 stories in the anthology is selected to depict a specific kind of relationship and a different facet of love. Our characters encounter a whole spectrum of challenges; some stories are airy first-world issues while other pieces explore the deepest forms of human anguish. Taken as a whole, the series runs the whole gamut of various forms of love in the modern era. Similarly, each story has its own individual setting, a section of the city of Hyderabad, appropriate to the themes and motifs of that particular episode. If one takes a macro view of the entire anthology as a whole, these settings come together as individual pieces of a colorful mosaic that represents life in Hyderabad today.

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June 27, 2022 4:00am ET by Prime Video  


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