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Amelia Lily: 'I felt like I needed a year out to find my identity and sound'

Amelia Lily says that she has found her musical "identity" after taking time out to write new material.

The singer - who was a finalist on the 2011 X Factor - was expected to release her debut album following the success of 2012 single 'You Bring Me Joy'.

However, the Brit confirmed earlier this year that she had pulled the plug on the collection in order to work on new material.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Lily said that she used her free time to delve into her musical personality and discover what is right for her.

She said: "I was young and naive when I started and I didn’t even know who I was as a person, never mind as an artist. I felt like I needed a year out to find my identity and sound.

“I stopped writing when I started on The X Factor so it was amazing to have the time to do that again. I’ve really matured in terms of my songs and my writing."

Lily is due to release her new single 'California' on September 7.

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