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Andrew W.K. tells Pressparty his top five tips for partying hard

Andrew W.K. is a man of legend, with his happy-go-lucky rock music and his penchant for partying hard revered by many. It's been ten years since his band released their debut album 'I Get Wet', so what better time for the man himself to hit the road and celebrate the album's anniversary? We caught up with Andrew W.K. in Glasgow on his recent UK jaunt to find out more.

How's the tour been so far?

It's the best tour we've ever had the pleasure of doing - the biggest shows and the most fun, both on the stage and off. I also think there's the gratitude and taking everything less and less and less for granted, even the little things - like having a bed to sleep in and having good food and being surrounded by the best friends - all of that has finally sunk in. When you're doing something that's quite intense – not that this is that intense compared to being in the army, or the navy or the marines or the air force – it causes us some amount of difficulty in absorbing and fully fathoming what we get to do.

Is 'I Get Wet' just as good as it was ten years ago?

I enjoy playing those songs more now than I even did when we first released the album, but I wouldn't have expected to find new excitement in them every time we play. And I don't take credit for that – I think it's something that has been said by many other creative people before...that they're channelling a power from beyond them and it's up to them to deliver it – I don't really know how those songs were made or how I got to make them, but I feel like for whatever reason I was meant to execute them, and in that way I feel like I'm in the greatest Andrew W.K. cover band that has ever existed.

You're well known for your track 'Party Hard'. I take it there has been a lot of partying hard over the years?

That was the goal from the very beginning - to try to prove to myself and to hopefully as many other people possible that you can be in a state of celebration and pleasure and partying every day, all day. If you keep working at it – and we've humbly been at it…for me, six years, for some of the other guys in the band ten years, and of course the folks that put it all together I guess, 14 years – you get better when you practice something, even if it's partying.



What are your top five tips for partying hard?

Number one…dry socks. Or bare feet. But I would not recommend having a swamp foot, a sweat foot, cake foot, water foot, any kind of smush foot – you want a dry foot. Or just go barefoot, but then you've got to watch or for broken glass, nails, snug bugs, human waste, animal waste, barbed wire of cross, if you're hopping over fences and things.

Number two? Beer?

Beer, water, milk, juices, sweet wines…

So you're saying you can party hard on water?

You can party hard on anything. That's the beauty of it. For me, it's being in a state of gratitude about being alive. For example, a lot of people celebrate Friday and the weekend, and people celebrate birthdays, New Year, the holidays. But if you're celebrating these things out of gratitude and thankfulness – what about celebrating not being dead? Can't we celebrate that? If you're alive every day, then that is reason to celebrate each and every day.

Number three?

Number three is to try and locate a bug. It could be a fly, a mosquito or a cockroach, a dune bug, a pollywog, a periwinkle. The goal is to locate some kind of bug, then let it flourish - even just for a moment or two - and then you can press down on its body until it bursts.


Let's have some other folks come by. You can party by yourself, but at least 93% of the time it is more fun to have someone else there.

And number five?

Number five would be to have some kind of music and some kind of gravy. Brown gravy, sausage gravy…any kind of flavoured sauce really. Hollandaise or even just melted butter. Why not add some flavour to your life and party hard? Sauces and bugs and all that good stuff.




Who else in the music business parties equally as hard as you?

I think most people, from what I've seen. I've only met a small handful of folk, but they certainly partied very hard and they were kind and they were gracious, very noble and jovial and cordial, very friendly, very warm, and they were very affable, very amiable.

What is the hardest you've ever partied in your whole life?

Last night. It was quite wild, but at the same time quite focused. It's difficult to be wild when you're unfocused, you tend to just fall asleep. So it is a combination of energy, enthusiasm and passion and with that, letting loose and distraction, blurriness, complete intoxication, euphoria, confusion. You want to fly back and forth between those two sides, falling back and forth in an unbalanced way.

So what's planned after this tour?

Lots of partying, and recording the new album when I get back to New York City in June, then releasing the album, continuing to party, play concerts and do everything we possibly can to conjure up a feeling of joy and excitement using entertainment.




Watch Andrew W.K.'s classic track 'Party Hard' below:


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