Jay James Picton 'Play It By Heart' video + Hostage Remix

Five years ago Welsh born JAY JAMES PICTON had never sung or played a note in his life. Today, Booker T Jones, Roger Daltrey, Hal David and John Legend are among admirers of his unique soul voice – a voice he discovered entirely by accident.

Not only has that voice sound tracked a recent drum n bass anthem, it also won over the ears of Frank Ocean’s exclusive producer Malay.

Listen to his work with Black Butter artists Cinematic and Hostage here:



Jay first discovered music only a matter of years ago. At the time with no real knowledge, passion or ambition towards making music or singing, Jay, five beers the worse comically purchased a £35, five-string guitar on a New Year’s Eve.

Now a fan of artists as diverse as: Bill Withers, The Stones, Prince to hip hop heavyweight Nas - Jay has found a once cold boyish attitude to expressing emotions. These have now been turned into poetic and hard hitting heartfelt songs of life and love, written to resonate with all who choose to listen.

Play It By Heart – the first single taken from the album due out in early Summer, was recorded between Brooklyn (NYC) and LA with a stellar group of session musicians from the hip hop & soul scenes, co-produced by Jay James, Mike Peden and Malay.

With a clear knack for translating his hard-hitting, fiery heart into song, Jay showcases a uniquely raw gale force voice that is as instant and undeniable as his infectious personality.


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