The Electronic-Ethnic composer that fuses modern synthesizers, ancient instruments and odd rhythms

Artist: Vasilis Angelis

Album: Memoria De Profundis


Apoapsis Records

Vasilis Angelis was always being fascinated by technology, science, arts, philosophy and ancient myths and tales, and felt that all these were somehow interconnected with music. His passion for electronic instruments and odd drum rhythms combined with influences from a wide range of music genres (from electronic to jazz and from byzantine and world to classical), has led him to evolve into an innovative Electronic-Ethnic-Orchestral music composer, engineer and producer. His long journey of exploring, researching and experimenting with music composition, sounds, synthesizers, audio engineering and production systems started in a small village in the plain of Thessaly, central Greece, under the shadow of Pindus Mountains where he spent most of his childhood and teen years.

While working on his second studio album Memoria De Profundis, Vasilis was back and forth between London in UK and historic Thessaly in Greece where his main studio setup was. Influenced by London’s multi-cultural vibes and the captivating landscapes of Greece, he created a unique fusion of electronic, techno, breakbeat and ethnic music.

In the 12 powerful tracks of the album, Vasilis blended analogue and digital synthesizers, drum machines, ethnic vocal chants and odd percussion rhythms, electric violin, brasses, woodwinds and Cretan lyra involving respected virtuoso instrumentalists. Also, every single piece has an organic - electronic feel and is layered with complex arpeggios, bulky strings and haunting atmospheres. The whole album was composed, programmed, performed, engineered and produced by the artist himself and was mastered at the Airlab studios in London.

Over the years, Vasilis Angelis has developed innovative compositional and advanced engineering and production skills, bending music reality, pushing the limits and shaping his own unique style. Despite making such interesting music for more than a decade, Vasilis has never promoted his albums as he has focused his energy on music composition and production.

Memoria De Profundis is an evocative and monumental opus that still remains to be discovered by music fans of the genre.

May 19, 2020 7:09am ET by Apoapsis Records  

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