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Ariana Grande recalls seeing "demon" in Kansas City cemetery

Ariana Grande has revealed that she once came face to face with what appeared to be a "demon" in a cemetery.

The singer told Australia's The Bump Show that she once visited Kansas City's Stull cemetery for some spooky japes.

The graveyard is the subject of a myth which claims the site is a secret gateway to Hell.

However, Grande said that she had a "terrible" experience in Stull after coming across what could have been a "demon".

She revealed: "I had a really terrible experience in Kansas City and I encountered what everybody thought was a demon and I spoke to a medium about it and it was really crazy and scary and I hate talking about it because it was terrifying.

"I went to a cemetery...which is famously known as one of the seven gates to Hell on this Earth because I was interested in it and I wanted to check it out and check for trouble and I got it."

Officials openly discourage trespassers from entering the cemetery as a result of its myth popularity.

Watch Ariana Grande's 'Problem' lyric video below:


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