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Ariana Grande on Justin Bieber duet: 'I don't want to make my fans wait any longer'

Ariana Grande has promised fans that her duet with Justin Bieber will see the light of day soon.

The singer and the Canadian star recently teamed up for a collaboration, but a release date has yet to be issused.

Speaking to Capital FM, Grande confirmed that the track didn't make it onto her upcoming second album.

However, the 'Problem' star admitted that she is toying with the idea of giving it away to her fans because she doesn't like to see them wait.

When asked about its release date, Grande said: "I don't know! It's hard because, I feel like, I love the song and it's amazing but we have to find the right time to put it out. Because I already hit the deadline for my album. We finished it later, so we're trying to get it to our fans because we know it's what they want, but I feel like it's too late to put it on my project.

"I'm kind of at a little bit of a dilemma. But yeah, we're going to put it out at some point. I feel like I would love to just give it to them, because they've been waiting so long for it anyway, I don't want to make them wait any longer. I don't know, we're going to figure out a plan for it."

Watch Ariana Grande perform live below:


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