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Ariana Grande talks about upcoming show 'Scream Queens'

Pop star Ariana Grande and ‘Glee’ actress Lea Michele have been discussing the new Ryan Murphy show they are both starring in called ‘Scream Queens’.

Speaking about the new television series, Grande said:

“It’s a very nice balance between terrifying, scary, macabre, goth, horror, girly, hilarious, fashion. It’s the greatest combination.”

Ariana also described her co-star Lea’s new geeky look in the show as “the cutest”.

For her latest role, Michele has to don a neck brace, minimal makeup and an unkempt hair style.

On wearing the neck brace the former Rachel Berry explained: “At first, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is totally fine’. And then seven hours later I’m like, ‘Can someone rub my neck please?’”

‘Scream Queens’ revolves around a series of murders on a college campus and each episode sees one cast member killed off. Other members of the ‘Scream Queens’ cast include Emma Roberts, Nick Jonas and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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Watch Ariana Grande and Lea Michele talking about ‘Scream Queens’ below: