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Azealia Banks reveals interest in witchcraft and religion: 'A witch can make anything work'

'212' hitmaker Azealia Banks has revealed a strong interest in witchcraft and its ties with religion after posting a series of tweets about the rituals involved in certain faith-based practices. 

Writing on the social media site Twitter, the star explained: "But yo, Wicca is not bad. Wicca can work. Anything can work, it really depends on the strength of the witch. A witch can make anything work. You can't learn any form of magic online kids. You have to join a coven or a house of some sort and learn hands on."

"Christianity has witchcraft in it too. what do you think the priest is doing when he is "blessing" the wine and the bread? He has to INVOKE the Holy Spirit and pass it over the wine and bread to make it holy....... A priest is also a witch."

"Jesus CURSED the fig tree after he saw there was no fruit on it for him to eat, It withered & died the next day.... Jesus was also a witch. I'm obsessed with world religions and magical systems. Like absolutely obsessed. I could burn candles and talk all day about it.

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