Interview with Steps' Faye Tozer about Strictly Come Dancing

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What made you want to take part in Strictly this year?

I’ve wanted to take part in Strictly forever and it’s just an absolute dream come true! It’s something that I always wanted to do. Last year, Steps came and did the Halloween special and that just spurred me on even more.

Who was the first person you told? How have people reacted?

I was on holiday in Portugal and I was just walking down the street with my husband, got the phone call and I literally bawled my eyes out, I was in shock. I was so amazed and so over the moon. It was brilliant, absolutely wonderful.

How would you rate your dancing?

I think I’d say that I’m a pretty good dancer. I’m very well known for throwing a few shapes with Steps anyway but I’ve never done any ballroom or latin and looking back on past videos and YouTube and things like that, it is a really specific thing so I’m ready to give it my all and give it a go.

What will be your biggest challenge during Strictly?

Keeping my nerves I think, because it’s a completely foreign situation for me. I can get very nervous and I can actually be quite shy which is probably something that you wouldn’t know. It’s a completely different format for me so I don’t know how I’m going to be.

What are you most nervous about for Strictly?

I think, blanking in the middle of a routine and forgetting where I am! I won’t have the audience doing the moves back to me this time; it’s going to be just me on my own. Tripping over is a bit of a fear, a bad dream that I’ve been having. Falling down the stairs - I mean, anything could happen!

Do you think your performance experience with Steps will help you with your confidence on the dancefloor?

I think my experience in performing on TV is going to help me a little bit because I kind of know what to expect but I’ve never been on my own in the situation I’ve always had the four others to bounce off of and have them to calm me down. H usually says to me if I’m feeling nervous before a show ‘don’t worry you’ve got the job, you’ve got the job. Go out and give it to them’ so I’m going to have to remember that.

Source BBC One

September 6, 2018 3:00am ET by BBC One  

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