Lauren Steadman on Strictly: 'The biggest challenge will be around certain moves with my arm"

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What made you want to take part in Strictly this year?

I think Strictly, for me, has always been a chance to learn something new, not necessarily make a fool of yourself but just go out there with no pressure and learn a new skill. Obviously dance with a partner and I just love the fact that with Strictly, the whole country gets behind you and it’s more of a family and a community.

It’s been my favourite TV show since I was a little girl. Every Saturday night I’d sit down with Mum and Dad with our dinner and watch it and I always thought ‘wow’. I suppose every little girls says ‘I wish I could dance like that’ so that sparked it and then it actually became something that might be possible.

What are you looking for in a dance partner and have you got anyone in mind?

I wouldn’t say I’ve got anyone in mind I’m pretty flexible. But someone quite similar to how I’m coached as an athlete would be ideal: to-the-point, direct, straight talking but with an element of fun. If it’s all work and no play I just don’t function, I need to have a little bit of balance.

What will be your biggest challenge during Strictly?

I have looked at some of the dances and seen the different styles and the moves and I think the biggest challenge will be getting around certain moves with my arm, that’s a challenge I’ll take on with my pro. I’m not worried about it but I know we’re going to have to think outside the box and perhaps do things differently but we’ll get around it.

How far do you hope to make it in the competition?

I think it’s hard to ask an athlete why are you here? How far do you want to go? Definitely when I start things I’m in it to be the best that I can be. Whether that takes me all the way to the end, I hope it does, I wouldn’t see the point in coming in and not trying to finish but that is just my attitude. If not, I’d just love to get my dancing to the point where I’m proud of myself, I’ve learnt a new skill, gained a new confidence in an area that I didn’t have before , then I’ll be chuffed.

How are you balancing your athletics career with Strictly?

So the World Championships are on the 15th of September so I’m in full training mode until then. I fly home and go straight into Strictly mode. Normally after the championships, triathletes have four to five weeks off but I will be fully focused on Strictly and then I’ll slowly build my training back in. But I have no competitions until April so it’s Strictly all the way!

How do you feel about the Strictly makeovers?

That’s quite exciting because I can be quite girly but most of the time I’m pretty sporty so it’s nice to not be in trainers, sweaty hair, no make-up, sports kit for once!

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September 6, 2018 6:00am ET by BBC One  

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