'The slaves were constantly pushing back with amazing spirit' - The Long Song screenwriter

Interview with Sarah Williams, screenwriter for The Long Song

The Long Song: A bold three-part adaptation of Andrea Levy’s critically acclaimed bestselling novel set in the final days of slavery in Jamaica



Screenwriter Sarah Williams (Becoming Jane, Small Island) says adapting the book was both a challenge and a privilege.

"This is a big book which took Andrea many years to write - it’s meticulously researched, richly imagined and epic in its scope. It opens up a world that has been shamefully hidden away in the dusty attic of British history and brings it kicking and screaming to life. It not only raises big questions about slavery and freedom, but works on a very human level too - it’s full of emotion, warmth and humour.

"The chance to adapt a book like this - a true modern classic - was a unique opportunity. Andrea never portrays the slaves simply as downtrodden victims - instead they are working the system however they can. They're ingenious and defiant and constantly pushing back with amazing spirit and strength. You emerge from reading the book with a huge admiration for the slaves - and that’s what I've strived to capture in the screen version."

Source BBC One

December 14, 2018 4:38am ET by BBC One  


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