Tom York is Sam Carne in Poldark

POLDARK SERIES 5 14th July 9pm, BBC One

Tom York reveals he might like to play a villainous character next, after portraying the pious Methodist Sam Carne in Poldark.

"I would love to play a baddie! Sam is very earnest and sincere, and although he is not always right you know that his heart is always in the best place, which is a wonderful thing and definitely something I have really loved about playing him. Sam has taught me to have faith in the way things will work out, and that it is not always about making the right decision but more about making the best decision you can. He is a good man and he has opened me up and made me a better person, but it would be really fun to play someone next with a bit of darkness in them!"

Tom discusses what is in store for Sam in the final series of the much loved drama.

"There are still the same problems in Cornwall, with people struggling to earn enough money to feed their families, and so at the start we find Sam -prompted by Demelza - taking charge of things a little bit more and trying to find a way of helping the people who are in need all around him.

The Methodists at the time had a reputation of working and enabling through education and we pay homage to that, as Sam starts to set up a school and he wants to teach young people how to read, in the hopes that being literate will open doors of opportunity and maybe lead to a better life."

Tom reveals a little about the drama that unfolds with Sam’s turbulent love life this series.

"He has been left by Emma, so he now has the opportunity to find a new love if it is out there. Rosina catches Sam’s eye quite early on, even before the prompting really starts from the family. He is aware of her, she is a God-fearing girl, she is a good woman and is obviously beautiful so it doesn’t take too much persuading for Sam to go down that line of thinking, and his heart starts to open up towards her. But then trouble strikes when Tess Tregidden (Sofia Oxenham) arrives."

She is a troublemaker and bad egg and everyone can tell this about her, but one fateful day she corners Sam and confesses to him that she is a sinner seeking forgiveness. Sam is obviously trepidatious and suspicious of her but that is also his mission, to help save people who are in need of saving and Tess certainly is. He gives her a chance and soon starts to see a development, this new faith within her, but little does he know he is being manipulated. Demelza and Drake see through it but Sam is determined to believe in the good in people and the power of faith to help people. So he puts his relationship with his family on the line to prove it."

Tom talks about what it was like to join the show with his on-screen brother, Harry Richardson, and to experience the ride together.

"Harry and I have a real brotherly bond. This experience has been a rollercoaster and I am so grateful for Harry and for everything we have gone through together. To have that brother in crime and to be able to bounce off each other, and to experience all of this alongside such a good friend, has been special. I will definitely miss him."

Working alongside friends isn’t all Tom is going to miss.

"I am really going to miss Cornwall. I love everything we do in Cornwall, especially in Swale. Everything you get down there you get for free, you are just out in the world and it is so beautiful and rich. There is a wedding this series and we had a specific plan all mapped out for the scene but then it poured with rain so we had to scrap all of the ideas we had planned and do something else entirely. We were all huddled together to escape the rain, which obviously made us all giggle and it just felt like a real moment caught on camera rather than a scene we were shooting. That was my favourite moment from filming this series."

Tom reveals why he thinks people will love the final series.

"We have seen what Debbie (Horsfield) can do when she has Winston Graham’s wonderful books to work off, and this series we get to see what Debbie can do when she has free rein. The final series of Poldark is jam-packed with action, excitement, drama and love. More so than ever, this series has so much to offer."

July 9, 2019 6:25am ET by BBC One  


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