Interview with Steve Edge about Scarborough

Brand new series starts on 6th September 9.30pm, BBC One

Steve Edge tells us what we can expect from his character, Bigsy, in new comedy Scarborough.

Can you tell me a bit about your character?

I play Barry Dickson, Bigsy, he’s Mike’s best mate, played by Jason. Jason is my best mate in real life so it’s not a massive stretch! Bigsy is his mate, he lives with him and is his rock but not a very good rock! He looks out for him and is family to him, Bigsy needs Mike more than Mike needs him. He also sort of falls in love during the show…

What attracted you to the role?

I’d worked with Derren before on three series of Benidorm. I love Derren’s writing, it’s brilliant, and this is so different. It’s more subtle and has got a bit more pathos which is what I think he’s always written really brilliantly. Jason and I have been mates for about 20 years but we’ve never worked together. He’s got a radio show and I do that with him now and again, I’ve directed him in something but we’ve never acted together so it’s quite nice to have a legitimate excuse to spend time with him.

What can people expect from the series?

There are a lot of laughs, there’s a really good plot that runs through. It’s not like a standard sitcom that starts and ends at the same place, there’s a lovely plot running through about this gang of misfits getting together and battling whatever life throws at them.

Tell us a bit about your co-stars and what it’s been like working with them?

It was lovely to meet Stephanie, I’ve always been a big fan growing up, watching Tenko. Catherine I’ve worked with before, we did a sketch show together called Scallywag for BBC Three so I’ve known her for about 10 years as well. Harriet Webb, who plays Bigsy’s squeeze, is hilarious. I’d never met her before but we’ve bonded straight away which is just as well because we had to do a really massive snogging scene! Everybody in it is brilliant; it’s just a lovely bunch, a really happy job.

September 2, 2019 3:15am ET by BBC One  


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