Can you tell us a little bit about your role and what people can expect from the show?

I play the host of the show. So I am the driving force that has to keep it lively really, it’s a lot of improvisation and adlibs, so Mr Saturday Night I suppose!

This is your first time hosting a prime time quiz show - how have you found switching Walford for The Wall?

It’s been quite difficult actually because there’s a lot of anxiety around the idea of being a gameshow host because, what is that? what does it mean? I’ve enjoyed it though - I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

So it’s been quite a leap from Walford because Walford/EastEnders, it’s all quite serious and it can be quite dark. Whereas this is a light-hearted world, the game show world, so it’s been quite nice actually to have a little break and do something different.

If you were going to be on the show, who would you choose to go on with you and why?

Initially, I’d say my little Dani but I think probably my wife, Jo, I think that she’s quite good under pressure. I think she would be quite calm, I think she would be the one that goes into isolation and I’d be the one outside with The Wall, gambling and taking loads of risk - so [it'd be] interesting just to see how she gets on really, so I’d like to have a go with her.

Which two co-stars from EastEnders do you think would be a good pairing on the show?

I’d have to pick Linda Henry, because I love Linda - she’s funny and she doesn’t like leaving her house a lot so I’d just do it to wind her up you know what I mean? Get her on the telly doing something else. I’d probably pair her up with… I’d say Kellie Bright or maybe Rudolph Walker I think they’re a right strong double act them two. You know what I mean? I think Rudy and Linda Henry. Shirley and Patrick, now that’s a duo!

Have you got a catch-phrase from the show?

There is a catch-phrase but it’s something I have to say which is the balls at the top of the wall, I have to release them when questions have been answered or when the contestant’s told me what number they want they want them to drop from so it is… "Drop it!"... Or "Drop 'em!", if there’s a couple of balls. It’s a very simple thing but I’m sure I’m going to get that screamed at me everywhere I go.

Were there lots of highs and lows during filming?

Very interesting because you really do invest in them [the contestants], you really do. You literally meet them, give them a cuddle, say: "Hi, I’m Danny", they introduce themselves and then we start the show. As the show goes on - it takes about three hours to film one ep so you do start to become quite pally and of course if they’ve got a bit of a story behind them, if they’ve had a rough year or they want the money for a wedding or want it to take their family on holiday you really are routing for them. So when they’re winning money you’re in it and when they lose, you feel it, it’s quite painful actually. That’s part of that journey though I suppose, and I never know how it’s going to pan out of course so that was probably the hardest bit actually - when people walk away with nothing.

Would you like to host more game shows in the future?

I don’t know yet. I don’t know… this is all new to me and I think I enjoyed it far too much but maybe is The Wall my thing? Like Bradley Walsh does The Chase, that’s his gameshow. This might be my thing, I don’t know. I love acting far too much I’ll be honest with you, that is my passion and I’m very lucky and grateful to have a job that I love to do so I wouldn’t really rock the boat with that, I don’t know if you can really be both. Let’s just see how The Wall pans out and we will see, if people are loving it then maybe I’ll change my mind. Never say never!

October 9, 2019 6:20am ET by BBC One  


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