Interview with Susan Calman & Melvin Odoom about The Hit List Celebrity Special

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 28th December 7.45pm, BBC One

How are you feeling going into the show? Do you have a team strategy?

Melvin: We're going to play to our strengths!

Susan: Always play to your strengths. People are actually laughing at us for revising, but having watched The Hit List I know that the best teams, the ones that win, are the father/daughter combinations - so in this case I'm the father and Melvin's my daughter. That’s the way it's going to be, because he knows modern music and I know nothing past the year 2000. So I think we’re going to do really well!

Susan, how does it feel to be filming locally in your hometown of Glasgow?

S: It's lovely because I don't get to film an awful lot in Glasgow and I know there will be a live studio audience - so I'm hoping that they’ll lift us above mediocrity and help us win because the Scottish crowd will hopefully back us. I mean, this is my hometown after all.

M: And they love you here, they love you everywhere. Will they like me do you think?

S: Oh yeah they will definitely like you, my daughter.

Melvin, given your day job as a successful Radio 1 DJ, do you feel any pressure to win?

M: I am so scared about this game today because everyone's going: "Oh you’re the DJ so you should know all the tracks that are gonna be playing later on." But I'm not too sure about track names. I know artists but track names are where I can get a little bit confused.

S: What I've noticed is that, the three of us who aren't DJs are finding this a very relaxing and enjoyable thing.

M: Whereas I feel like my job is on the line to be honest. Susan, can you do my radio show if this doesn’t work out?

S: Sure! It’s quite interesting though because, you know me I'm small enough to hide, I was hiding in the makeup room and Vick made a very good point - as a radio DJ she sees the tracks and artists displayed right there on the computer in front of her so it's a different way of thinking. So as a nonprofessional DJ, who simply listens to music, maybe I’ll have the edge.

First live gig you ever went to and where was it held?

S: I don't go to lots of gigs because I'm a very short and I find it very uncomfortable - so unless it's an all seated affair I won’t go. My first gig though I think was at the Pavilion in Glasgow and it was Chris Isaak. He was great!

M: My first gig was Tim Westwood at the Carnival after party. Lil' Kim, Junior M.A.F.I.A., Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z were all there at this place called The Temple in Tottenham.

S: Feel free to vote now on who had the coolest first gig experience. If nothing else that first gig experience exemplifies how we are an exceptional team of very diverse genres. We’ve covered all bases!

December 9, 2019 4:50am ET by BBC One  


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