Interview with John Barnes & Scott Mills on The Hit List Celebrity Special

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 28th December 7.45pm, BBC One

How are you feeling going into the show? Do you have a team strategy?

Scott: I haven't revised; I haven’t done my homework at all. I know the other teams are listening to their playlists but I think what’s the point of that, you don’t know what we are going to be asked, it could be anything?!

John: The amount of songs there are between 1960 up until now, I mean how can you revise for that? I just think if you know the song now then you should know it when it comes on - if not then there’s no chance.

S: I think it's a bit late to revise but I know that Melvin Odoom is currently listening to some playlists right now, like that's gonna help him!

Scott, given your day job as a successful Radio 1 DJ, do you feel any pressure to win?

S: Being a DJ I do feel that a lot of this may rest with me, what do you think John? He’s been apologising to me all day but in the same way, he said to me: "If you were in my football team I wouldn't expect too much from you."

J: I'm only here to make you look good Scott.

S: Although if there was a football anthem category then I think we would sweep up!

First live gig you ever went to and where was it held?

J: I think mine was Grandmaster Flash at the Hammersmith Apollo, 1977.

S: That’s a good one! Mine is less impressive than John’s... I went to see Eternal in Manchester but I cannot remember what year it was. It was a while back.

December 9, 2019 10:10am ET by BBC One  


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