Interview with Claudia Winkleman on Best Home Cook

SERIES 2 2nd January 8pm, BBC One


Hi Claudia. What do you think Angela has brought to the table as a new judge?
Angela is completely brilliant. She is such an amazing addition, we’re all in love with her. The contestants really tried to make her happy and we all get on brilliantly.

Can you tell us what is new about this series? What are you most excited for viewers to see?
We’ve had a fiddle with the rounds. Mary is always in charge of the first - the Ultimate. This is where the cooks can really practice and make something delicious. Chris then heads up the Rustle Up challenge, where he gives our cooks an ingredient and not a lot of time to come up with a dish. It really is a straightforward ingredient, something lots of us have at home - think baked beans rather than dragonfruit. And then anyone who didn’t completely impress the judges had to take part in the [dramatic voice] Eliminator, and they have to follow a recipe that Angela has picked. I try to look after them but bark time calls a little too much…

What do you think makes a great home cook?
I think a great home cook is someone who loves feeding family and friends. Whether they make a great roast, a great fish pie, a sumptuous curry. The contestants are all the type of people who make just really tasty delicious food. Not fancy, but off the charts tasty. A great home cook is also someone who opens their fridge and manages to create something really delicious from leftovers and quite humble ingredients.

What was your favourite home cooked meal growing up?
My mum makes the greatest quiche on the planet and my dad’s pasta sauce still blows my mind. Big bowl of pasta or a cheese and onion quiche then.

December 10, 2019 9:35am ET by BBC One  


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