Patricia Hodge on the reunion of the cast of Miranda: "It was like a rock concert really"

New Year's Day 5.45pm, BBC One

Can you tell us what to expect from Miranda: My Such Fun Celebration? 

It's a celebration, bringing us all back together and creating a fun show out of it.

How did it feel to be reunited with the cast again? 

Well, we've all kept in touch with each other, we are a team. To be brought back in a circumstance where we sort of saw each other several times over a few weeks was lovely because we do all get on together very well.

How would you best sum up Miranda and Penny’s relationship? 

It's a very recognisable mother-daughter relationship with the mother’s ambitions for the daughter that doesn’t necessarily fit with the daughters ambitions for herself. This is a partly generational thing and the thing of the mother that embarrasses you and the daughter that embarrasses the mother and how that's played out together.

Did you think ten years from the first Miranda the show would still be as popular today? 

I don't think any of us knew, we always committed to it because we loved the whole notion of it and it made us laugh. But none of us knew the extent to which it would catch on.

What reaction do you get from fans of the show?

Extraordinary, on that night absolutely extraordinary. It was like a rock concert really. The interesting thing about this show is it is unchallenging in terms of its cleanliness, it's family entertainment. When the show first went out many families said to me: “We sit down as a family and watch Miranda every Monday night”. I think parents feel very safe with their children watching it as it’s got something for everybody.

Do you have many people shouting "such fun" at you? 

The interesting thing about TV now is that you are very recognised from the morning after the night a show goes out for a couple of weeks then that diminishes over time. But it only takes one rerun and then then you're up again. The recognition, of course, has continued on. And sometimes people sidle up in a supermarket and say to me… “Go on say it”.

Did you ever imagine the phrase would catch on as much as it has? 

No, no, no, absolutely. No. No, I mean, again, this is very good observational comedy. Because to us, it is something we might say at Christmas time or something, but to have that impact just still amuses and amazes me.

December 23, 2019 3:25am ET by BBC One  


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