Interview with Cheryl - Dance Captain about The Greatest Dancer

Cheryl has scored nine No.1 singles in her career to date and is an experienced dancer and performer.

How does it feel to be back for series two?
It's very exciting to be back for series two, especially with the new addition, Todrick, it's a really, really good vibe!

How has it been welcoming Todrick to The Greatest Dancer team? Has it changed the group dynamic?
Todrick is a very well-informed expert in his field so I find myself listening to him and learning stuff or completely agreeing with every single word he says. It's been really good welcoming him to the panel.

You made it to the final last year, has coming so close to winning made you more determined this time around?
Coming really close to winning last year has made me even more determined to win this year, but ultimately that's all to do with who I choose as my talent, because they're the ones that have to get out there every weekend and perform to a live audience.

Has the standard of talent increased this time around?
The standard of talent has been really, really great this series. It's really interesting watching the different genres of dance. I've loved it!

Are there any dance styles you would have liked to see more of?
I would have liked to have seen more tap. There was only one guy that was really amazing at tap and that was it really, there weren’t any females representing it or a group of tap, which I think could be really interesting.

What has been your standout moment from auditions?
It's probably the 98 year-old woman who came on the show, because I just couldn't believe that she was still determined enough to put herself through the process of an audition at 98 years old. I found that really inspiring.

Have you done anything differently to prepare for series two?
This year I came in thinking, I need to see somebody I can already visualise on the main stage at the live shows, because I didn't have the experience before. Now I know what to expect so I was looking at them through a different eye.

You have put some amazing videos out for your music, was any of the dancing inspired by TGD?
Last year on the first series I had a group called Frobacks and they did a bit of house dance and I absolutely loved the way they did it. So I took a bit of house, just a few steps, and I added it to my latest music video.

There were a few decisions made by the studio audience that you didn't agree with last series, are we going to see you be vocal again if people don’t get through?
There are always moments when the mirror doesn’t open, when you're a bit confused as to what the audience weren’t seeing, but I guess then you have to take that as a sign of what's to come because you have to depend on the public to vote.

What can we expect from Team Cheryl in series two? What are you going to bring?
I'm gonna bring good vibes, good energy, big performances - and I want it to be all different types of performances. So high energy, slow moments, I want to bring all different flavours so I need my acts to be a variety.

How are you feeling about choosing your final three? Are you going in with a clear game plan?
I'm going into this series knowing what I want to see in the live shows, and that's the way I'm going to look at them - through my eyes. I'm going to think, can I work with you, and what does that look like on live TV?

You have got a lot of experience as a judge, do you still feel the pressure as a Dance Captain to make the right decisions?
The pressures of a Dance Captain are different to being a judge on any other show because the audience gets the first decision, which eases the pressure from you. The only pressure I then feel is putting them through to live TV. Can they handle it? There's a lot of pressure on my shoulders, but I think I know how to make the right decision.

One of the highlights of last year was when you and the other Dance Captains did the Strictly number, are you hoping there is more of that this year?
I loved dancing with the Strictly pros last year! Latin and ballroom is something I haven't done since I was six years old and I just loved experiencing that, so I think there will be a lot more performances from the Dance Captains this year.

January 3, 2020 10:20am ET by BBC One  


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