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A new one-off BBC One documentary, Rio And Kate: Becoming A Step Family, will look at the Ferdinand family as Rio’s fiancée Kate Wright integrates into the family and becomes a step mum to Rio’s three children, Lorenz, Tate and Tia.

This is the next stage in the families journey following the Bafta award-winning and critically-acclaimed documentary, Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum And Dad. The 2017 BBC One documentary was huge success, with a consolidated audience of over 7 million viewers.

In the months leading up to their wedding, this deeply personal film will look at the emotionally complicated dilemmas this newly formed family unit face following Rio’s wife Rebecca’s passing in 2015. For 27 year old Kate, taking on not only the role as girlfriend and fiancée to Rio, but also of ‘mum’ to three grieving children, and with the memory of Rebecca still very much present, a unique set of emotionally complicated challenges emerge.

Step families are now the fastest growing family type in the UK. It's estimated that one in three of all families are now part of one. Like them, Kate and Rio have faced challenges on their journey, and as they meet others in similar circumstances, they explore the types of support on offer to those in this complex situation.

Commenting on the new documentary, Kate and Rio Ferdinand say: “The positive response to Being Mum And Dad in 2017 and the way it helped others going through a similar situation was overwhelming. For that reason we were both compelled to tell the next chapter in our lives together. We hope Becoming A Step Family will give a unique insight into step families and the journey through grief, whilst also providing an intimate look at our lives together.”

Alison Kirkham, Controller of Factual Commissioning, says: “I’d like to thank Rio and Kate for opening up their lives to us in such an intimate and personal way. The BBC has long been committed to tackling mental health issues and Rio Ferdinand’s programme on bereavement in 2017 helped bring the conversation into the open. We hope this new film will offer meaningful insight into the reality and challenges of living in a step-family. It will also explore how grief affects us all differently”

Rio And Kate: Becoming A Step Family (1x60') was commissioned for BBC One by Charlotte Moore, Director BBC Content and Alison Kirkham, Controller of BBC Factual Commissioning and the Commissioning Editor is Max Gogarty for BBC Factual. Executive Producer is Jonathan Smith, Director is Matt Smith and Producer is Molly Sayers, all for October Films.

Source BBC One

January 17, 2020 9:10am ET by BBC One  


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