Interview with Tom Taylor who plays Albie in Us

20th September 9pm, BBC One

4 episodes. All episodes available on iPlayer



Tell us about your character Albie.
My character Albie goes on a huge journey for himself. He’s trying to figure himself out, but also dealing with the situation between his mother and father and the troubles in their relationship. He doesn’t particularly want to go on holiday with his parents and feels he has been dragged into it - so tries to ditch them. Douglas tries so hard with the family, going on this grand tour to reunite them all. Albie’s very sensitive but doesn’t show it a lot.

Did you learn to play the guitar for the show?
Yes! I’d never played guitar before but I had to learn it for the show. I actually really love it and my brother was in Amsterdam with me when I was there, so alongside Thaddea they both helped me learn how to play. I really got into it. I was really nervous at first but I’ve got a new discovery - I can play guitar and sing Smile by Lily Allen!

Tell us about filming in so many different locations.
I’d never been to Amsterdam so that was incredible. It was so nice filming there and going back to a hotel instead of driving home for an hour from London. We also went to Paris and I’d never been there either - it’s very much been a grand tour for me!

What can the audience expect from ‘Us’ and why should they tune in?
The audience can expect a really fun drama with a lot of lighthearted comedy. It was a good laugh to film. As David wrote both the script and the book, it comes across as really true to the novel. If you are a fan of the book, you’ll love this series.

Source BBC One

September 18, 2020 7:15am ET by BBC One  


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