Interview with Thaddea Graham who plays Kat in Us

20th September 9pm, BBC One​

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Tell us about your role?
I play Kat, and she’s someone who has been travelling for a while. She meets Albie busking on a bridge in her spot and sets him straight. Kat becomes part of the Petersens’ journey.

What attracted you to the project?
I just love Kat’s energy - she’s so big and full of life - and I love the fact she is a musician. I created a bit of a backstory with our producer that Kat had gone on a journey with some people from home in Northern Ireland and started a little band by going on a tour in Europe. However it fell apart because Kat has a very big personality. She’s very confident and I think that could cause a bit of trouble within a group so she split off! She’s so much fun to play as she’s so different to me. I’d never be brave enough to get all these tattoos and do my hair in the way that Kat does.

What was it like working with the actors in the Petersen family?
I was quite nervous about it because Kat comes in and out of the story. The rest of the family spend so much time together so you don’t get to really build up the relationship and go on the same journey being my character. However they made it so easy to come in and they were so friendly.

What has it been like shooting in these locations?
It’s really exciting shooting away from home. I’d never been to Amsterdam before so it was cool to explore a city in that way and it’s a different way to see it. It was nice to have a wander in the evening after shooting - there were so many bicycles! I was almost been hit by one a few times but that’s my own stupidity, I forget to look!

What makes Us different from other relationship dramas?
I think it’s the honesty. Relationships are difficult, and it's not always that I’ve fallen out of love with you or I hate you, it is just sometimes things come to an end.

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September 18, 2020 8:45am ET by BBC One  


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