Interview with Gina Bramhill who plays young Connie in Us

20th September 9pm, BBC One​

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Had you read the novel of Us before you had got the part?
I am a huge David Nicholls fan! One Day has to be one of my all-time favourites. Somehow I had missed this one, so it was an absolute delight to read it after I got the part. I did manage to listen to the fantastic Audiobook by Justin Salinger before my recall audition though. The book was such an incredible resource to use alongside the script to build the character. I felt extremely lucky to be working with such strong source material.

Were there any adjustments that had to be made in terms of your appearance in order to look like your counterpart, Saskia Reeves?
We had such an incredible make-up team led by the brilliant Lucy Cain. She and I talked a lot about young Connie’s look for the 90s, and played around with different wigs and styles. Saskia and I have obvious similarities, but some of the structure of my face was altered very cleverly using make-up. The time gap between us also allowed us to show how much Connie had changed as well. Even within Young Connie’s arc we played with her evolving and growing older through hair, make-up and costume.

Do you think it’s important that the story uses flashbacks so you can see the foundation of Douglas and Connie’s relationship?
Absolutely, without the flashbacks we wouldn't have the empathy we do towards them in the present. I think everyone can relate to not quite feeling the way they did when they were younger.

Also hopefully they show how well they got on and why they had such a strong relationship for so long.

What do you hope audiences take away from Us?
Even reminiscing about filming Us makes me feel terribly nostalgic for a different time, pre-Covid! All of those wonderful locations and the freedom we had. I hope an audience can be uplifted and transported - not only back to the 90s, but also to the not-so-distant past, to be able to escape and enjoy this story of two people’s love and loss and growth.

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September 18, 2020 10:05am ET by BBC One  


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