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Celebrity Best Home Cook is on BBC One and starts at 9pm on Tuesday January 26



Presenter Claudia Winkleman breaks the news that there is an added ingredient of ten celebrities to Dame Mary Berry, Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett and fruit & veg expert Chris Bavin, as they return to judge Celebrity Best Home Cook in a brand new eight-part series coming to BBC One.

Hello Claudia, what are the main differences viewers will notice with this brand new series?

Well, where do I start? We’re socially distanced so dance around each other with two metres between us. I love Mary and we used to spend most of the time holding hands and being really physically close together so it felt slightly strange at first. However we got used to it straight away and kept far enough away from each other. I should add we chatted and laughed throughout. The other difference is… (dramatic music please) our cooks are celebrities. They are brilliant!

Which judge should the celebrities work hardest to impress, and how can they go about this?

They should impress them all, every mouthful counts. They’ll need to have their game-faces on and be ready to take on the challenge.

If the celebrities had to bring their very best cookery skill to the competition, what would it be?

Just taste and flavour. This is a show about home cooking, so nothing needs to look fancy. The judges aren’t looking for perfection when it comes to presentation. As long as it tastes great then they’re safe.

We’ve all been cooking more at home over the last 12 months, what have you been cooking that’s been a hit at home?

I’ve cooked a lot of roast chicken and had to get pretty adventurous when it came to pasta sauces. We baked a lot of the time once we got hold of some flour!

Name a starter, main and pudding that would win the Claudia Winkleman household over?

Tuna melt, roast chicken, cheesecake.

If you were made of three ingredients, what would they be?

Black eyeliner, spray tan, white lipstick. If they had to be foods then cheese, bread and pasta.

You’ve only got one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what would that be?

Either a cheese toastie, or egg and chips.

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January 20, 2021 4:00am ET by BBC One  


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