Interview with Mary Berry on Celebrity Best Home Cook

Presenter Claudia Winkleman breaks the news that there is an added ingredient of ten celebrities to Dame Mary Berry, Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett and fruit & veg expert Chris Bavin, as they return to judge Celebrity Best Home Cook in a brand new eight-part series coming to BBC One

Celebrity Best Home Cook is on BBC One and starts at 9pm on Tuesday January 26



Hello Mary, there are many great home cooks up and down the country, but what makes a great home celebrity cook?

Someone who is passionate about cooking at home and maybe has a hidden talent!

What advice would you give the celebrity home cooks to impress you and the other judges?

Cook from the heart. Keep an eye on the time as if you don’t finish there is nothing for us judge.

What can viewers get excited to see in this brand new series?

Lots of surprises, enthusiastic celebrities with good cooking skills and they gain experience getting better week by week.

Can you share any newly found top cookery tips, or timesaving tips in the kitchen?

Make a plan before you start and get organised. Put the oven on, some celebrities may forget this!

We’ve all been cooking more at home over the last 12 months, what have you been cooking that’s been a hit?

I’ve been making things for today and freezing half for the following week, as we are only my husband I at home in lockdown. I love using home-grown produce from our kitchen garden.

How do you think the last 12 months has changed home cooking?

It has taught us all to use what’s in the fridge and store cupboard and to adapt if something wasn’t available. Shopping once a week is a great lesson in not wasting food.

Do you think the last 12 months have altered the nation’s relationship with food?

I hope it’s made us more appreciative of what’s around us locally and that continues.

What has been the best lockdown cookery outcome for you?

Planning the week’s meals ahead.

Give us a dish that would win the Mary household over?

It has to be the perfect Sunday roast. Every element on the plate should be the best of its best; a time for family, to be together, relaxed and enjoying the food as much as the company.

If you were made of three ingredients, what would they be?

Rather a strange question... sugar and spice and all things nice!

You’ve only got one meal to eat for the rest of your life, what is it?

Toasted sour dough, unsalted butter and homemade marmalade and a chilled glass of white wine - nutritionally not great but it keeps me going!

Source BBC One

January 26, 2021 3:55am ET by BBC One  


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