Interview with Chris Bavin on Celebrity Best Home Cook

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Hello Chris, what advice would you give the celebrity home cooks to impress you and the other judges?

I think it’s very simple; whatever you cook, make it great and don’t try to complicate things or make something you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Can you share any newly found top cookery tips, or timesaving tips in the kitchen?

Not newly found, but preparation is the key! Get yourself sorted, it pays to be organised and ready to go in the kitchen.

We’ve all been cooking more at home over the last 12 months, what have you been cooking that’s been a hit?

Well for me, I have been cooking loads of recipes. It’s been a great way of introducing the children to new flavours! My two eldest sons are loving Indian and Thai food at the moment so I’ve been using lots of ingredients for those recipes.

How do you think the last 12 months has changed home cooking?

It’s been a great opportunity to reignite home cooking. In some cases it’s been more elaborate recipes, as some people have had more time to experiment, and for others it’s been about being more resourceful as people haven’t been able to get all the ingredients they need, have used leftovers or have been on a tighter budget. But that’s the amazing thing about being able to cook, it can be an event. It can be a bit fancy or it can be frugal and functional.

Do you think the last 12 months have altered the nation’s relationship with food?

Yes definitely, and I hope we have learnt not to take some of the more simple things in life for granted. I think our eating and shopping habits have changed and in lots of ways for the better. I think our sourdough and banana bread consumption has certainly gone up!

What has been the best lockdown cookery outcome for you?

For me, it was a great opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen more I think generally the best outcome is what we have been trying to do for ages and that is getting people enjoying cooking and realise that it isn’t as hard or as time consuming as people may think.

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January 26, 2021 5:25am ET by BBC One  


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