Interview with Rachel Johnson on Celebrity Best Home Cook

Celebrity Best Home Cook is on BBC One and starts at 9pm on Tuesday January 26



Hello Rachel, What is your home cooked signature dish? And how did it come about?

Macaroni cheese. It’s a cheese bomb. It’s an explosion of three cheeses, baked with pasta. What’s not to like? If I say I’m making my famous mac n cheese it doesn’t just bring the boys to the yard, people will drive for hours to stuff their faces with it until they are comatose.

Where have you had your best home cooked experience and why?

At my mother’s table, she knows how to make anything taste good, and with four children, she always made industrial quantities, her watchword being, “You can never make too much, only too little” when it comes to chilli con carne, apple crumble, kedgeree etc..

What is your earliest memory of home cooking. Who was it with, and what did you make?

With my grandmother. She would make me do the crumble for apple crumble, sitting at the table at our farmhouse on Exmoor. I can still make a crumble in about five minutes flat. It is my only skill.

Tell us about a home cooking disaster?

Too many to mention! I was making my father a pie for his 80th and as I was putting it into the oven I dropped it!

What can viewers look forward to from you in this competition?

My choice language.

Who do you see as your biggest competition?

Ed Balls.

Who is the most famous person you’ve cooked for, and what did you make?

Nigella, and she told me not to worry and said she hates it when people try hard just because she’s coming to supper. I think I ordered in Thai in the end!

It’s late, you’ve just come home after a long day - what’s your go to, ready in a flash meal?

Grilled halloumi and tomatoes, pitta bread.

Any special personal home cooked unique creations you’d like to share?

My chocolate biscuit cake: melt butter, golden syrup, and cocoa (quantities, more than you think possible) and pour onto a rubble of Rich Tea pieces, crush into a tin, and refrigerate.

Tell us about your best maverick ingredient/something new perhaps you’ve only just discovered in the last 12 months and why?

Espelette! It’s a smoky French cayenne and transforms dips.

If you were made of three ingredients, what would they be and why?

Limes. Chilies. Bananas. Sweet, tangy, aromatic. My desert island ingredients.

What is your favourite meal to cook at a dinner party and why?

Tough one. I cheat and buy a huge chicken pie from the butchers!

What would it mean to you to be crowned Celebrity Best Home Cook?

A lot! My family would be amazed, especially my husband who says - I never time anything - I literally can’t boil an egg.

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January 26, 2021 5:50am ET by BBC One  


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