Interview with Nick Leather, writer of The Control Room



Can you describe the story of The Control Room to us?
The Control Room is about Gabe, a call handler in an ambulance control room and an everyday hero. Every few minutes, he deals with matters of life and death. And then one day, he takes one call and realises that the life on the line is actually his own.

What was your inspiration for the story?
One morning, I went in to wake my daughter up and I couldn’t; she was just floppy. We called 999 and in that desperate few minutes, I realised sort of how profoundly the person on the other end of the line can help you and affect you. Their manner is so important and its quite an intense relationship for a few minutes. Everything was okay in the end but then the next time I sat down and tried to come up with a story, I wrote two things at the top; one was call room handler and caller. I then put a circle around it and tried to think of the way the relationship between those two people would be and a scene that involved them both.

How would you describe the tone of the show?
It’s a thriller that’s also a love story and also a relationship drama; the coming of age. We don’t all exist in one genre, we move between these things.

Why is The Control Room a must-see drama?
You can ask yourself the question of what would you do right now if your phone rang and if you answered it, if they were a person from your past...


Series starts on BBC One on 17 July at 9pm to 10pm

Source BBC One

July 13, 2022 4:00am ET by BBC One  


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