Interview with Maria McErlane, Relationship Expert on Unbreakable

BBC One 06 October 2022 at 8pm




You are one of Britain's most-loved Agony Aunts. How did this prepare you for the show?

As an agony aunt, there is very little that surprises me about relationships. Every coupling is unique and even if you have been together a long, long time you are always learning as you both evolve.

What strengths and weaknesses did you look for in the couples?

Strengths and weaknesses changed with each new challenge. The couples ALL applied themselves 100% and worked ‘together’ to overcome individual weaknesses or to incorporate possible strengths.

Did any of the couples surprise you?

What surprised me most about the couples what just how competitive they were! Some of the challenges were incredibly hard and all our couples showed phenomenal levels of determination. They took it very seriously!

What is the most important relationship advice you would give to any couple?

The most important relationship advice is communication and honesty. Problems can often get overlooked that need to be discussed diffused and resolved. Also, kindness. Another emotion that can get lost. To love someone fully, flaws and all, we must ALL remember to be kind, even when being honest!


The six-part show will see a cast of celebrity couples take part in a series of mental, physical and emotional challenges designed to test their bonds. Relationship experts Anjula Mutanda and Maria McErlane will analyse the way the couples work together, granting points for performance.

One by one the couples will be eliminated, until an unbreakable celebrity duo is crowned winner. Funny, relatable and occasionally terrifying, this series will show some of the UK’s favourite TV personalities as the British public has never seen them before.

BBC One 06 October 2022 at 8pm

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