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About Danny Lewis

Danny has had a difficult time at home. At school, headteacher Kim does all she can to support Danny and help him to get back on track. He promises not to let her and Val down, but it might not be a promise he’s able to keep.

Adam Abbou Q&A

Welcome to Waterloo Road! How does it feel to be part of such a popular and long-standing series?

It feels great. Waterloo Road was one of those pinnacles of my childhood growing up and to be a part of it feels like you've stepped into the TV, I know that 10 year old me would be very proud.

Tell us a bit about your character Danny and what can audiences expect to see from him?

Danny is a character that is full of heart and pain. He is fragile, yet strong and he's also really, really kind. He often places himself in positions where he's forcing his own detriment really, but ultimately, that's what makes him the person that he is.

How did you prepare for the role?

So no spoilers allowed, but my character has a lot of issues that he deals with during the show and it involved a lot of research, outsourcing and going to speak to people. Learning about the issue itself first-hand, rather than just learning about it on social media online or anything like that. So yes, I did a lot of research to prepare.

How does Danny get on with the other students at the school?

Well, Danny's best friend at the school is Kai, played by the wonderful Adam Ali. He's got a really great dynamic with him.

Did you enjoy school?

My own school experience was very different from most, getting into this industry of performing and acting at a very young age meant that I got the wonderful opportunity to play Billy Elliott on the West End and UK tour. So most of my schooling experience was spent at home and in house with chaperones, learning for two hours a day while I was touring. So coming here and doing the show is kind of like me reliving the school experience that I never got.


Waterloo Road returns for a new term on Tuesday, January 3 2023.

The highly anticipated first episode will air at 8 pm on BBC One after EastEnders.

The classroom drama will also be repeated on BBC Three on Friday, January 6 at 7 pm.

The new series consists of seven episodes and will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Source BBC One

January 3, 2023 5:00am ET by BBC One  


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