Stacey Solomon Sort Your Life Out - Meet Dilly Carter - One of the Declutterers



Dilly's Organising Tips

My top tip is to always look at what you already own before you buy anything else, whatever room it belongs in.

Pick one room at a time to focus on decluttering: Each room needs function, purpose and identity and it’s impossible to know what needs to be taken away if you are just looking at an overflowing space. So, before you tackle any area that you want to declutter, make sure you clear the space completely. Take everything away and look at the space itself as a blank canvas that can be whatever you want it to be.

Categorise your items: this will allow you to see what items you’ve removed from the space and what area or the rooms where they belong. Edit each group of items and then put them back in their respective space so you can see the difference.

Cull your cutlery drawer: this is a common problem space, look to reduce multiples of knives, forks and spoons – you don’t need 16 knives in a house of four people!

Make sure that your daily use items are in prime and easy to reach locations: whilst storing the things you don’t use so often in more discreet, hidden away areas you can designate for overspill.


Sort Your Life Out returns to BBC One from Wednesday 25 Jan at 9pm. Meet the expert Declutterers and get their top tips to Sort Your Life Out.

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January 17, 2023 4:00am ET by BBC One  


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