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Robert's DIY Tips

Utilise the most unused spaces in your home, these are often areas that are above head height: by simply adding shelves, or buying low-cost kitchen wall units and customising them to match the style of the room. This will enable you to de-clutter the room by giving you more space to move, as well as additional and attractive storage for a fraction of the price of getting a custom unit made and fitted. Visit online websites where people are selling second hand units cheaply; you can often pick up units that are in great or almost mint condition too. It could also be worth visiting shops and high street retailers who often sell off ex-display items and discontinued stock as this could save you a huge amount of money too.

Upcycling: just because a piece of furniture no longer works in one area of the home doesn’t mean it can’t be used elsewhere. By making a few modifications and adding a lick of paint, you can turn old furniture into a new, modern piece, inconvenience into a necessity, ugly into ‘looks just right’! For example, turning your free-standing TV unit into a hallway seat and storage for shoes, hats, etc offers you the chance to make the space multi-functional, clutter free and creating a piece that is one of a kind and made by you. There's nothing a good dose of creativity and elbow grease can't fix and it won't cost you the earth.


Sort Your Life Out returns to BBC One from Wednesday 25 Jan at 9pm. Meet the expert Declutterers and get their top tips to Sort Your Life Out.

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