Q&A with Janette Manrara on Strictly It Takes Two

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Q&A with Janette Manrara on Strictly It Takes Two

Janette, it’s officially Strictly season again! How does it feel to be back!?

Genuinely buzzing. I feel like it's going to be an incredible year just by looking at the line-up. The professional dancers are at the top, top of the game, they're all absolutely amazing and it's so wonderful to have our judges back, along with Tess and Claudia. And as we always say, it marks the lead up to Christmas, so whenever Strictly starts back up, I think everybody, not just myself gets super excited.

What would surprise viewers most about hosting the show? Any BTS secrets you can reveal?

I think what would surprise viewers the most about It Takes Two is the genuine excitement that comes from the entire team, about the couples and the dances. There’s a respect and admiration for dance and excitement for Strictly that is tangible. It's very, very real. I think that's really refreshing to know that a TV show is created with so much love at its heart.

What is your favourite thing about hosting It Takes Two? And can you share any of your favourite moments from over the years?

I think now hosting It Takes Two, I get to be the couples shoulder to cry on and I get to celebrate with them as well, I just love being there for the couples more than anything. And as for my favourite moments on It Takes Two - there's too many to remember! But just being there on the weekdays and meeting everyone is so special.

What are you most excited for in terms of working with your new co-host, Fleur?

I loved watching Fleur’s journey last year and every single dance that she brought to Strictly was just absolutely incredible so I'm really excited to have her join the team. She's already really engulfed herself in the whole world of Strictly so having her by my side and having her excitement and genuine love for the show and understanding for what it's all about is really special. I can't wait to get started.

Have you given Fleur any tips and tricks on how to be the best for It Takes Two?

Fleur does not need any tips and tricks on how to be the best, I think she's going to be absolutely sensational! The audiences are going to love her. She's got such a good eye when it comes to the dances as she has already done the show in the past so she doesn't need any tips or advice. She just needs to be herself and enjoy!

Are there any themed weeks you are particularly looking forward to?

I always look forward to Blackpool because the venue is such an iconic space. It's the way the show is filmed since the dances go bigger, there's extra dancers, there's bigger props and there's more hair and makeup and wardrobe. And it always lands around my birthday so it's a celebration in many ways for me to be in Blackpool!

What can audiences at home expect from Strictly It Takes Two this year?

It’s just more fun, more entertainment, also more genuine involvement in the couples and their journey! Empathising with what they're going through and getting to show everyone the behind the scenes stuff that really happens when the couples are learning their dances. It Takes Two always goes above and beyond to make every couple feel extremely special, so I think more of the same, apart from bigger and better and more glitzy!

If you were a dancer on Strictly again, what type of dance would you like to do and with who?

Well, that's a really tough question, I feel like I've done it all on the show. I had some incredible dances with my celebrity partners, amazing performances with Aljaž and of course all the epic pro dances that we did throughout the years so it'd be really hard to top any of those things. So I would say to just come back dance with Aljaž alongside all the professionals one more time, that would be pretty brilliant.

Has Rylan wished Fleur and yourself good luck for this series?

Rylan did reach out and say good luck to myself for the series and Fleur. It was so special to do the first two years of me hosting It Takes Two with him because he's such an incredible professional. He's such a good presenter. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's got the biggest, kindest heart. And I couldn't have asked for anyone to be a better partner to me, and to show me the ropes when I joined the show, so I'll miss him but I'm super excited to be with my girl Fleur.

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