Q&A with Fleur East on Strictly It Takes Two

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Q&A with Fleur East on Strictly It Takes Two

Fleur, Strictly season is officially upon us. How does it feel to be part of the strictly family again?!

It’s an incredible honour honestly because I had such an amazing experience on the show. Now it's like a continuation of my Strictly journey which was such an important experience for me, so I’m really grateful I get to carry this on.

This time last year you were in training, are you feeling a little relief to be donning the presenter hat rather than the dancing shoes?

Most definitely. I know that when they're performing on a Saturday night, there will be a bit of envy from my side because that was the bit that I loved the most. But I have to say I'm grateful that I won't be anxious every week about performing live and I can just enjoy the experience.

How would you say your experience as a contestant on Strictly will influence your presenting of It Takes Two?

I will just have so much empathy for all the contestants because I'll know exactly what they are going through. I'll know week on week, how their bodies will be feeling, depending on what dance they're doing, because it's ingrained in my brain, every muscle that was affected based on that dance I was doing each week.

Are there any themed weeks you are particularly looking forward to?

So many, it’s hard to pick! But it’s got to be Halloween Week because of the incredible costumes. I also feel like this week tests everybody and the celebs really get to experiment and push themselves. It also happens to be my Birthday week!

What can audiences at home expect from strictly it takes to this year?

Expect a lot of laughs, a lot of honesty and of course, a lot of backstage action. I'm looking at it with a different lens as a former contestant. Just everything we all love about It Takes Two.

How do you plan to put your unique stamp on the programme as a new host?

Well, I've got the unique viewpoint of having experienced it all myself and within the last year so it's still super fresh in my mind and I'll be able to identify with the celebs every single week. I think I'm just going to be very honest and just try to connect with them on a human level and get real emotions from their experiences.

Have you received any tips from Rylan?

As soon as it was announced that I was taking on the role, Rylan sent me a message and said he was so excited and that I was going to have so much fun. I've worked with Rylan in the past and he's an incredible presenter so I have got some big boots to fill but he’s really been so supportive.

Do you have any pre show nerves? And if so, how do you plan to tackle them?

Definitely. I do have nerves, but I think nerves are good because it shows that you care about what you're about to do. The good thing is that I know all the pros and I've met a lot of the celebs already so that will keep me relaxed. I also know the It Takes Two team from being on last year so it already feels like a family.

What are you most excited for in terms of working with your co-host, Janette?

Well, we’re both Scorpios so we’re really fiery and we both have a lot of energy. We also worked together on the Strictly tour and any time I saw her we would just end up laughing non-stop. So I'm looking forward to just enjoying the experience and having lots of fun and lots of laughs.

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