New BBC Two comedy pilots to star Sarah Solemani, Siobhan Finneran & Vivienne Acheampong

BBC Comedy Pilots - Shane Allen announces twelve comedy pilots across BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three

In 2016, BBC Two launched New On Two as part of the critically acclaimed Sitcom Season, resulting in full series commissions for Motherland and Johnny Vegas’s Home From Home; both series launch later this year.


A new comedy sketch show where no area of the universe is off-limits.

Famalam shines a comedic light on everything - from alien encounters in the outer reaches of the galaxy to what happens when a man is left on his own in a house for 10 minutes holding only a phone and a remote. With a dazzling array of accents, cultural observations and colourful costumes, Famalam gives us a glimpse of the latest Nollywood blockbuster, reveals who might be responsible for internet spam and introduces us to the real rulers of the world - spoiler alert - it’s not the G20…

Samson Kayo says: “Famalam has got its own style and energy - it's really fresh. I hope the viewers enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it. It's funny."

The show stars Vivienne Acheampong (The Aliens), Gbemisola Ikumelo (Sunny D), Roxanne Sternberg (Emerald City), Samson Kayo (Youngers), John Macmillan (Dark Knight Rises, Chewing Gum) and introducing former Vine superstar Tom Moutchi .

Producer - Akemnji Ndifornyen, Director - Tom Marshall, Executive Producers - Ben Caudell and Chris Sussman.

A BBC Studios production for BBC Two.

The Other One

The Other One is a narrative comedy about a girl called Catherine Walcott. And another girl called Catherine Walcott. Sisters who had no idea the other existed until their father drops dead.

Cathy has a fiancé, a Duke of Edinburgh Award and a pension. Cat has a pay-as-you-go phone. The only things they have in common are their names (a smart move if you’ve got a secret daughter). Both of them have always wanted a sister – just maybe, not each other.

Writer Holly Walsh says: “I couldn’t feel luckier to have Siobhan, Rebecca, Lauren, Ellie & Amit in our show. Despite filming nights in the pissing rain for most of the shoot, their exceptional talent, funniness and willingness to stand on a remote hillside in a kaftan, made this project an absolute joy”

The 30 minute comedy pilot stars Siobhan Finneran (Downton Abbey, Happy Valley), Rebecca Front (The Thick of It, War and Peace), Ellie White (Inside No 9, The Windsors), Lauren Socha (Misfits, Catastrophe) and Amit Shah (Hospital People, Stag, W1A).

The Other One has been filmed in Manchester and is written by Holly Walsh (Motherland, Crackanory, Psychobitches).

BAFTA award winning Dan Zeff (Hattie, Inside No 9, Ideal) will direct and Pippa Brown (Bad Education, Psychobitches, Bounty Hunters) will produce. The Executive Producer is Tiger Aspect’s Joint Managing Director Ben Cavey.

A Cave Bear and Tiger Aspect Production for BBC Two.

The Pact

Two teenaged friends make a pact. If they’re both still single aged 35, they’ll marry each other. Amy doesn’t think it’ll ever happen. Andy, who’s secretly in love with Amy, desperately hopes that it will.

Twenty years later, Amy (Sarah Solemani - Him & Her, Bridget Jones’ Baby) and Andy (Brett Goldstein - Superbob, Derek) have drifted apart. Andy is divorced with a four year old son, but in a new relationship with a woman named Kelly. Amy, meanwhile, has managed to avoid growing up entirely. She lives in a flat-share, works behind a bar, and her relationships never seem to go beyond drunken one night stands.

When Andy and Amy bump into each other again, it’s life-changing for both of them. Face to face with their pasts, they're forced to reconsider their futures. Is it time for Amy to take responsibility for her life? Should Andy throw caution to the wind and pursue his childhood crush? Whatever happens, they’re going to end up together, right?

Needless to say, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

The Pact is a comedy drama created and written by James Britton and Rick Laxton. The Executive Producer is Chris Sussman. Directed by Tony Dow, produced by Sam Ward.

A BBC Studios production for BBC Two.

July 27, 2017 4:57am ET by BBC TWO  

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