Autumn Watch Presenters Chris and Michaela will be at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk



Wild Ken Hill has an abundance of Autumn berries, feeding many species of wildlife. The hedgerows along the old railway line are bursting with this season’s bounty, just in time for the arrival of winter migrants such as Redwing, Fieldfare and perhaps even the much rarer and exotic looking Waxwing, as well as providing a vital pre-winter food source for animals such as mice and hedgehogs.

The open fields, now interlinked with the fences all gone, and grazed by small numbers of ponies, cattle and pigs are packed with a rich variety of flowers and grasses that offer up a seed bonanza to flocks of colourful finches and buntings whilst dusk brings out barn owls hunting for voles that abound in the wild grasslands.

The woodlands, with a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees, will be alive with a rich variety of songbirds, among them Britain’s smallest bird, the tiny Goldcrest. They’re eagerly seeking an insect meal to keep their 5g body weight up in the hope of surviving a cool autumn night ahead. And there are the Crossbills that rely on the wealth of pine seeds found there. Small flocks of Siskins and family flocks of Long-tailed Tit may be spotted crossing the woodland rides from tree to tree, incessantly calling to each other on the wing.

Source BBC TWO

October 26, 2021 6:00am ET by BBC TWO  


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