Interview with Juergen Maurer who plays Oskar Rheinhardt in Vienna Blood

The second series of Vienna Blood (3 x 90’) will air on BBC Two this winter



Who is Oskar Rheinhardt?

I would say he’s a simple man with a very high attitude, trying to make a living in this very complicated time.

How good is Oskar at his job?

He’s more of a loner, living alone, trying to do his job as good as he can and I think he’s quite successful in his job because he has the natural attitude of a hunter.

What’s so special about Vienna Blood?

That’s at the same time easy and hard to answer. It has everything good entertainment should have. It has brilliant texts. Steve Thompson is an amazing writer. It has the vision of the old Vienna, which is overwhelming I think. And it has crime and a comic relief also. I think it’s entertainment in the best meaning of the word.

How does Oskar feel about Max?

What makes the relationship so special is that they come from really opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Oskar is not an intellectual kind of man. I think he likes Max a lot and often he simply doesn’t understand him. But he understands that the things that Max tells him about psychology make great sense for his job, for his success in hunting down criminals.

Is 1907 an interesting period for you?

Personally, I'm very interested in art. I studied at the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts. I was more of a painter before I became an actor. Specifically the time of change between centuries is probably the most interesting time, because the Fine Arts got stuck in classicism and manneristic repetition. And it was the time for revolution not only in science, like psychology, but also in fine arts and music. And Vienna was a hotspot for this development.

Do you enjoy working with Matthew Beard?

We have a certain kind of chemistry and it’s really great. Everything we do in dialogue together is brilliant. As we proceed with our relationship as actors it gets more and more detailed, and with the routine comes lots of fun also. The Max and Oskar scenes are my favourites!

Would you have made a good detective?

You would not want to have me as a policeman! No. I think you have to be very precise, you have to be very careful and you must not be sloppy in any way because you will miss something - and that would make it just impossible for me to be a policeman because I lose everything. I think I would lose every clue, every trace.

Source BBC TWO

November 10, 2021 6:00am ET by BBC TWO  


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