New Radio 2 and 6 Music breakfast shows hit the top spot

New Radio 2 and 6 Music breakfast shows with Zoe Ball, Lauren Laverne, Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie hit the top spot


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Rajar data shows schedule changes on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music have been really well received by audiences, with Zoe Ball hosting the most listened to breakfast show in the UK (9.05m weekly listeners) and a record for Lauren Laverne’s new breakfast show on 6 Music with 1.28m listeners (up 197,000 since last quarter and 161,000 on last year).

Latest Rajar data shows a great start for The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show with a steady audience of over 9m tuning in to the UK’s most listened to breakfast show

A record 1.28m listeners to Lauren Laverne’s breakfast show on 6 Music, and a record for Radcliffe and Maconie's weekend breakfast show with a weekly reach of 761,000

Continuing the good news for our female breakfast hosts, there has been a record 441,000 (10+) listeners to The 1Xtra Breakfast Show With Dotty

The latest quarterly figures also show an increase in listeners for Radio 4 to over 11m, BBC Radio 3 to over 2m and BBC Radio 5 live to 5.4m, all up compared to previous quarter and last year
The proportion of BBC radio listening on digital platforms has increased to its highest share: 53.9% from 50% in the same quarter last year

Radcliffe and Maconie's weekend breakfast show had a record 761,000 listeners, up 95,000 on quarter and 107,000 on year. Both stations have seen increases overall since last quarter: Radio 2 has 15.36m weekly listeners and 6 Music has 2.52m.

James Purnell, Director of BBC Radio and Education, says: “The refreshed line up on Radio 2 and 6 Music breakfast shows has proved hugely popular with audiences and it’s brilliant to see some record listener numbers too. It’s been an incredible team effort with our talented presenters and their production teams hitting the ground running and bringing joy to millions of listeners in the morning. It shows yet again the importance of BBC radio in the daily lives of the 34 million people who tune in each week.

"This quarter we’ve also seen the highest proportion of people listening to radio on digital platforms, including online and on apps, as well as increased numbers in the UK listening to podcasts each week, and I’m delighted listeners are discovering our much loved content however suits them.”

All BBC radio’s weekly reach over the period was 34.44m (33.97m last quarter and 35.01m last year) and a share of 51.4% (50.9% last quarter and 51.9% last year).

BBC Radio 1 posted a reach of 10.18m listeners aged 10+ (from 10.19m last quarter and 10.34m last year). There were 9.30m 15+ listeners (from 9.37m last quarter and 9.47m last year) while the network’s 10+ share of listening was 5.81% (from 5.80% last quarter and 5.64% last year). Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James now attracts 5.44m listeners 10+ (Monday-Thursday), up from 5.20m last year. This quarter saw 5.04m 15+ listeners (Monday-Thursday), compared to 5.11m last quarter and 4.78m last year.

Radio 2’s weekly audience was 15.36m (from 14.89m last quarter and 15.41m last year) while the station’s share of listening was 17.4% (18.1% last quarter and 17.6% last year). The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show attracted 9.05m listeners per week, compared to 9.07m last quarter and 9.12m last year.

Radio 3’s audience was 2.04m (from 1.83m last quarter and 1.93m last year) and its share was 1.2% (1.2% last quarter and 1.2% last year).

BBC Radio 4 posted a weekly reach of 11.01m during the quarter (10.48m last quarter and 10.92m last year) and a share of 11.9% (11.2% last quarter and 12% last year). Today (Monday-Saturday) has 7.32m listeners each week, from 6.94m last quarter and 7.22m last year.

5 live posted a reach of 5.40m listeners (4.97m last quarter and 5.14m last year) and a share of 3.4% (3.3% last quarter and 3.1% last year).

Amongst digital-only stations, BBC Radio 1Xtra had a reach of 1.13m weekly listeners 10+ from 1.17m last quarter and 1.11m last year (1.05m weekly listeners 15+ from 1.06m last quarter and 1.02m last year), 6 Music drew 2.52m listeners (from 2.30m last quarter and 2.53m last year), BBC Radio 4 Extra attracted 2.24m listeners per week (from 2.13m last quarter and 2.08m last year), and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra posted 708,000 listeners (from 667,000 last quarter and 969,000 last year).

BBC Asian Network drew 536,000 listeners, compared to 527,000 listeners last quarter and 628,000 last year.

BBC World Service posted a weekly UK audience of 1.48m (from 1.56m last quarter and 1.43m last year).

BBC local radio reached 7.86 million listeners per week, from 7.80m last quarter and 8.57m last year.

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