Radio 4 invites listeners to become ‘castaways’ in Your Desert Island Discs

"At the moment we all feel a little more cast away than we might like to. It seems the perfect time to pass the microphone to our wonderful listeners… I can’t wait to hear what they come up with" - Lauren Laverne


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Lauren Laverne has launched Your Desert Island Discs today, inviting listeners to share a piece of music that they have turned to in the recent weeks of lockdown, and the story behind their choice. Some of these songs and stories will feature in upcoming special programming.

For almost 80 years, Desert Island Discs has asked its castaways to imagine life in isolation, cut off from family, friends and the rest of their lives, and to select eight pieces of music they would turn to.

Now this imaginary isolation has become reality for millions of us - not on a distant island, but in our own homes.

Desert Island Discs is asking the nation to share their stories about a piece of music that has mattered most to them during lockdown: from a song that’s helped key workers through a tough shift, to a tune providing company to someone delivering food to vulnerable neighbours, and others with inspiring stories to share with listeners. Or just a piece of music that has provided a moment of escape in an otherwise stressful lockdown day.

On Friday 5 June at 9am, Lauren Laverne will host Your Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 - a special programme featuring music chosen by the public, and the stories behind these choices. The programme will celebrate the power of music to uplift or provide solace, and include some of the stories and music choices of those most affected by the pandemic.

Throughout the day on 5 June, more of the stories from people around the UK can be heard on Radio 4 programmes including Woman’s Hour, Today, World At One, and PM.

Mohit Bakaya, Controller of Radio 4, says: “One of the reasons Desert Island Discs is so loved is that it invites us all to think about the role music plays in our lives. It can be a powerful friend during stressful periods and I want Radio 4 to capture the tunes that have helped the nation get through this crisis so far, whether they’ve provided joy, reflection or comfort, and the stories that accompany them.

“We hope many people enjoy thinking about and sharing their music of choice and that Your Desert Island Discs day is a moment for the nation to come together and hear each other’s stories, as well as experience some musical escape as listeners find themselves ‘castaway’ during this strange time.”

Lauren Laverne says: “At the moment we all feel a little more cast away than we might like to. It seems the perfect time to pass the microphone to our wonderful listeners and invite them to tell us about one special track and why it matters so much to them now. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with.”

Alongside this, Radio 4 Extra will be broadcasting a selection of treasures from the archive from Saturday 6 June, including another chance to hear:

Desert Island Discs at 75 anniversary special
Extended editions of classic Desert Island Discs episodes with Sir David Attenborough, Mary Berry, and Ant and Dec
Much-loved editions of Desert Island Discs Revisited, with castaways including Victoria Wood, Kathy Burke, Tom Hanks, Maya Angelou, and Ken Dodd

Those who have a song to share and a story to tell that might be included on air can do so two ways: individuals can share their stories by emailing their story and musical selection to before 16 May, or posting on social media using the hashtag #YourDesertIslandDiscs before 16 May.

In addition, from the end of May - and after people have shared stories that might be included on air - listeners are also invited to take part in the Desert Island Discs Challenge as we encourage them to compile and share online their eight-track listing and luxury, using #DesertIslandDiscsChallenge

Source BBC Radio 4

May 10, 2020 5:10am ET by BBC Radio 4  

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