The art of communication explored in new BBC Radio 4 series with by Ros Atkins from June 21

Ros Atkins explores the art of communication in new interview series for BBC Radio 4

Communicating with Ros Atkins is on BBC Radio 4 weekly from Friday 21 June at 2.45pm. It is available on BBC Sounds


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June 11, 2024 - In this new series for BBC Radio 4 (from 21 June), BBC Analysis Editor Ros Atkins dissects the art of communication and hears from some of the best in the business, including comedian Rob Brydon, magazine editor Tina Brown and financial expert Martin Lewis.

Good communication is key, from deciding between a simple text or a phone call, learning how to impress an interview panel, or managing to hold the attention of a crowded room, the way we express ourselves is very important. We might think we have the gift of the gab and are good at talking to people, but are we really communicating effectively? And how do others perceive the way we interact with them?

In Communicating with Ros Atkins, Ros and his guests will share their practical advice on how to improve communication in our everyday lives and guide listeners through the simple changes we can make to the way we interact, changes which can have a big impact.

Across eight episodes, Ros is joined by some of the world’s best communicators who are experts in their fields, spanning the worlds of comedy, finance, health, education and more to find out how they have honed their communication skills over the years. From deciding what to say and how to be persuasive, to making your point when it matters most, each episode will provide you with the skills to improve your own communication.

Episodes across the series include:

• Rob Brydon discusses how to feel confident when you’re on a stage, how to win an audience over and the importance of making people laugh.

• Tina Brown explores how good communication was key to her success at Tatler, Vanity Fair and Tatler

• Dr Rob Elias, a kidney consultant at Kings College Hospital in South London, discusses the role of empathy in communication and the need to calculate how much information someone is able to digest

• Michael Johnson explores what it takes well to communicate well in a team with conflicting interests

Ros Atkins says "I've long been interested in trying to understand how the best communicators are so good at what they do. This series has been a wonderful chance to explore the different approaches and techniques that can help us communicate in a range of situations. I've learned so much from listening to these eight brilliant guests - and I'm sure the listeners will too.”

Commissioning editor Rhian Roberts says "We’re all communicating in a multitude of different ways all the time and it’s increasingly easy to say or write the wrong thing. Ros’ new podcast is aimed at giving us the chance to put our foot in it a bit less often.”

• Presented by Ros Atkins
• Producer: Hannah Newton
• Commissioning Editor: Rhian Roberts.
• A Listen Production for BBC Radio 4.

Communicating with Ros Atkins is on BBC Radio 4 weekly from Friday 21 June at 2.45pm. It is available on BBC Sounds.

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June 20, 2024 3:00am ET by BBC Radio 4  

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