Peter Crouch tops the latest BBC Sounds podcast chart

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Latest quarterly data shows the most popular on-demand titles on BBC Sounds in the first few months (January - March 2020), and record listening figures.

That Peter Crouch Podcast was the most listened to podcast for all adults, as well as for under-35s

New podcasts Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle and mortem appear in the top ten, and new music programme Sounds of the 90s with Fearne Cotton is hugely popular

Big hits The Missing Cryptoqueen, You’re Dead To Me, and Evil Genius With Russell Kane continue to be some of the most listened to podcasts on BBC Sounds

The Gemma Collins Podcast has the biggest proportion of under-35 listeners

The weekly audience reached a record 3.5 million in March during the first weeks of the lockdown, as listeners turned to BBC Sounds for live and on-demand radio, podcasts and music.

New data for Q1 (January - March) shows the number of plays for all audio increased to 275 million, up 25 million from the previous quarter. There was a record 123 million plays of on-demand radio and podcasts, up 15 million on the final three months of last year.

There are millions of plays of our radio stations on BBC Sounds, with 55 percent of overall plays being for live content and 66 percent of all listening hours - demonstrating the scale of people listening live online and through the app.

Jonathan Wall, Controller of BBC Sounds, says: “We’ve seen record numbers of people using BBC Sounds this quarter, and the new data demonstrates again that our radio stations are at the heart of Sounds, whilst people are increasingly listening on demand too.

"Peter Crouch’s brilliant podcast tops the latest chart, which is no surprise as we know how much listeners enjoy the laughs and fun of being part of Peter, Chris and Tom’s sports chat. It’s also great to see such a range of other podcasts, like The Gemma Collins Podcast, on-demand radio and music feature as audio people enjoyed in the first part of this year too.

“In the weeks after the lockdown began there was increased live and on-demand listening on Sounds so I’m really pleased that since then we’ve also been able to bring listeners new podcasts that entertain and provide them the company of some of the UK’s most popular hosts such as Louis Theroux, Dotty, James Acaster, Scarlett Moffatt and the Match Of The Day presenters.”

On-demand radio programmes
The Archers again tops the chart for on-demand radio programme for all adults on BBC Sounds. All of the top ten is made up of Radio 4 and 4 Extra programmes.

As with the last quarter, Radio 1’s Dance Anthems is the most listened to on-demand programme for under-35s, and the list is made up of other popular Radio 1 programmes such as Dance Party with Annie Mac and flagship Radio 4 programmes including The Infinite Monkey Cage.

This quarter Maya Jama leads the way for the on-demand programme with the largest proportion of under-35 listeners.

Music mixes on BBC Sounds
There were 1.25 million plays of music mixes, up by 360,000 on the previous quarter when the boost from the Christmas music mixes is excluded.

The latest data reveals that in the New Year quarter, when many people put their mind to getting fit, the Pacesetter music mix was the most played.

New music programme Sounds Of The 90s With Fearne Cotton, which is a nostalgia-drenched celebration of the best music and pop culture from the 90s, has proved really popular and is second in the music top ten.

Podcasts on BBC Sounds
That Peter Crouch Podcast is the most listened to podcast this quarter, and that was before the swift return of series four in April so that the podcast - being recorded in the homes of Peter Crouch, Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce - could entertain its many listeners during lockdown.

That Peter Crouch Podcast and You’re Dead To Me are the first and second most listened to podcasts for both all adults and under 35s.

New titles that launched in this quarter, or towards the end of the previous quarter, that appear in the top ten include Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle hosted by Peter Bleksley; mortem with Carla Valentine, which tells the story of three bodies through forensics science; Fake Heiress, which charts the rise and fall of the woman who conned New York High Society; and drama The Whisperer in Darkness.

Huge hits and continuing popular titles such as The Missing Cryptoqueen, Evil Genius With Russell Kane, Beyond Today and Tailenders appear throughout the top ten most listened to charts for all adults and under 35s.

The Gemma Collins Podcast has the largest proportion of under 35 listeners of all podcasts this quarter. The top ten includes other popular podcasts commissioned to reach younger listeners which explore important subjects relevant to them, such as finance podcast Money 101 and Jacob Hawley On Drugs.

BBC podcasts and radio programmes on other platforms
There were 230 million downloads across the world of the BBC’s on-demand audio this quarter, the same as the previous quarter. The Global News Podcast (BBC World Service), In Our Time (Radio 4) and The Documentary (BBC World Service) proving again the most popular three titles.

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