The Good Friday/Belfast Agreement is the subject of a brand new BBC podcast

Tara Mills and Declan Harvey look back at the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement in new podcast


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The team behind the award winning Year ’21 podcast return to explore the context and contents of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement, 25 years after the historic events of 1998.

Tara Mills and Declan Harvey analyse the major moves leading up to the deal, and what the Agreement required from those who signed up to it. Some of the people involved in the negotiations explain why every line was so important and how tensions, upsets and tiredness nearly derailed the process. They also speak with some of those who were opposed to the Agreement in its original form and assess how some aspects of it have changed over time.

Tara says: “We had such a huge reaction from the Year ‘21 podcast we thought it was worth looking at another critical year in our history. There’s a whole generation of people who weren’t around for what happened before the Agreement or know how it was hammered out. We’re targeting them and anyone else who fancies a refresh about exactly what was in the text. It’s an opportunity to reflect and remind listeners of the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. But also the opposition to it and how, for some, it was a step too far.”

Declan says: “Taking a little time to understand what was actually in the Agreement makes listening to all the commentary and debate about it so much more interesting. We’re not trying to say whether it was the right or wrong deal for the parties to make, people will have their own views on that. It’s fast paced and the whole box set can be enjoyed in around an hour.”

Year '98: The Making of the Good Friday Agreement is available on BBC Sounds from Monday 6 March. In the coming weeks, BBC News NI across online, TV and radio will be looking back at the historic deal, speaking with the key players and reflecting on how the agreement continues to define the politics of Northern Ireland.

Source BBC Sounds

March 6, 2023 2:00am ET by Pressparty  


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