Interview with Michelle Visage on her new show 'How's Your Head, Hun?'

Join Michelle Visage on lockdown from 26 May as she enlists her husband as a cameraman and throws open the doors of her family home. Quarantini anyone?


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We caught up with Michelle to ask "How's your head, hun?" and find out more about the series.

Can you tell us more about How’s Your Head, Hun?

How's Your Head, Hun? is a weekly escape from everything we know that's happening outside of our closed doors. I welcome you to enter my world of lockdown in Los Angeles with my hubby David, daughter Lola, rescue pups Romeo and Daisy and, might I add that Lola's boyfriend is quarantining with us as well! We don't do anything the easy way.

What can viewers expect from yourself and the family on the show?

Let's be honest here, I'm about as real as I can be on this show, warts and all. There is quite literally nothing to hide behind. I've got no glam team; I'm not sitting behind a desk judging anyone. It's just me in my natural, very chaotic habitat. I'll be checking in with some of my friends to see how their heads are doing through all of this as well because at the end of the day we are all doing mostly the same thing at any given time of the day and night.

Are there any surprises in store?

I think the surprises are the fact that we have no idea what we are doing in this quarantine world! No one knows how to deal with this life within four walls. We think we are prepared and that we are professionals but we are finding out quickly we are the opposite.

Have you found it easy to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest whilst being apart?

Yes. One of the great things about this quarantine situation is that thankfully we have technology on our side so it is quite easy to stay in touch with everyone. For me, I am even finding myself reaching out to people I haven't had time to have long conversations with in a while so I am loving using FaceTime, Zoom, Hangouts… whatever we can.

Have you spoken to RuPaul during quarantine? If so, how is he getting through this lockdown?

Of course! We have spoken and he loves the downtime. He never stops working and this is much needed rest time for him. He is doing great and chilling.

What makes this show special to you?

Well, for starters, you are in my home, in my space and I am sharing everything with the audience with nothing to hide. It can't get more 'me' than this.

Have you been surprised at how you’ve been coping with the lockdown?

I have been surprised by my lack of motivation. I have never felt this way before. I get up in the morning and I feel like I have accomplished something if I make it out of my pyjamas. Adele has completely transformed herself and I am lucky to make it to brushing my hair.

How have David, Lola and her boyfriend been coping?

It's a crazy situation here, quarantining with someone who didn't know us at all (Lola's boyfriend) so it is a 'getting to know you' process in a very fast way. As with all young couples, there are arguments and because of the situation, there's nowhere to go so it is interesting and stressful at times, but I have been a busy mom/therapist.

What are you missing the most from ‘normal’ life?

To be honest, I am just missing being able to not worry and stress about catching a virus when leaving my house or going to a supermarket, its scary stuff. I miss humans, I miss cuddles, and I miss dancing...

What has been your favourite ‘lockdown project’ to do so far?

It’s a strange and uncertain time but I’ve been finding comfort in learning new things and accomplishing tasks I never had the chance to before which I feel a lot of us are right now! For instance, I have finally gotten to truly tidy. I have been following Mrs. Hinch tutorials and learning how to clean out everything and organize cabinets. I never thought I would enjoy it but I have seen the light and I can’t wait to keep going. Who knew?!

What’s been your go-to song to ‘sashay and shantay’ to in lockdown?

Ru has been sending me his Spotify playlists almost daily so those are what I am grooving to. But mostly, older disco tracks as they are giving me such joy.

What queen from any season of RuPaul’s Drag Race would you choose to join you and the family in quarantine?

RuPaul! For the obvious reasons...

What tips would you give to anyone feeling anxious or worried during this time?

I am a person who deals with anxiety and I have for years. I have been off meds for eight years and when this started, that old feeling came flooding back. I didn't want to run back to medication so I have gotten into Wim Hof breathing (Google it!) and that is helping a lot as well as guided meditation. It also helps me to know we are all in this together and I am not alone. No one is alone in this.

What would you like viewers of the show to take away each week?

The world is so uncertain right now. Turning the news on gives me anxiety and fills me with fear, not hope. I would love people to just watch, laugh and relate to us every week and not have a care or worry for at least 30 minutes. We have never done anything like this, we are not the Kardashians, we have a regular house with a regular family who have no idea what we are doing and it’s all on camera. Let’s have fun!

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May 19, 2020 8:39am ET by BBC Three  


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