Q&A with Pia Somersby who plays Belle in PRU, BBC Three's latest comedy

Belle (Pia Somersby)


BBC Three

What can you tell us about PRU?

PRU is filled with humour, charisma and lots of new talent.

What can you tell us about your character, Belle?

My character Belle is very cheeky but also misunderstood, and at times she is her own worst enemy. She has moments of self-sabotaging and lots of doubt.

Tell us about your casting?

The casting was a long fun process consisting of monologues, an online Instagram Live audition, a Zoom audition and finally, an official audition took place. When it got to the stage that I knew I was being seriously considered for the role, that was scary. When I got the shout that the part was mine... well, I gave thanks to God and danced all night!

What was your school experience like growing up?

My school life was up and down, a lot constantly changing or getting expelled from school. I think working on PRU helped me to remember how hard life seems when you’re that age with all those different feelings and emotions, and coming into adult life.

Did you find any similarities between yourself and your character?

Belle and I are extremely similar, in a sense that Belle has a way of making the teachers give her chance after chance because they see the potential within. I felt that a lot growing up and I know for a fact that every single teacher I ever had, even back from kindergarten days, still remembers me to this day because I was always the class clown making everyone laugh (including teachers).

What was it like to work with the rest of the cast?

Working with the cast and the whole production team was a pleasure and one of the biggest blessings I have ever received. I’m really looking forward to the world getting to take us all in. I hope I can leave a good impact on everyone who watches and they can relate in their own ways.

Were there any highlights during filming?

I treasured every moment, therefore I can’t give a highlight, but I just know that the people are going to love PRU because it brings a lot of life, youthfulness, laughter and you feel for the characters. It will hook you in!

What drew you to the project?

The fact that I could relate to my character a lot, plus I have been to several PRUs. I felt like I would have a deeper understanding of portraying her character to the audience as well as interpreting my own experiences.

What do you hope audiences can learn from the show?

I hope audiences learn from the show, that as much as pupil referral units can be painted in a negative light, this is not always the case.

What can viewers expect and why should they tune in?

Expect to be blown away and have you laughing on stitches on the edge of your sofa!

Source BBC Three

February 23, 2021 5:16am ET by BBC Three  


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