Interview with Cath Ayers on playing Lisa Connors in final series of Keeping Faith

SERIES 3 KEEPING FAITH 27th March 9pm, BBC One​


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Lisa is Faith’s best friend, what can you tell us about Lisa in this series?

We see another side to Lisa in this final series. We see what lies behind the smile, the jokes and the wine. And it’s darker than you would think. I think it was so nice to delve a bit deeper into Lisa’s life and character. She’s been, and continues to be, such a good friend to Faith, but even the best of friends and the seemingly strong people need help sometimes too.

Looking back over all 3 series, what has been your lasting memory?

I have so many lovely memories of being a part of this wonderful series. Lisa and Faith’s friendship will always be central to my experience on the show, and with that came a lot of laughs, on and off set. We laughed to the point of needing to run to the toilet and we have forged a gorgeous friendship off screen too. What a blessing getting this part was, in so many ways.

Who was the most fun on set?

I’m sure everyone’s answer will be the same - Eve! We had to step off set a few times because we had a bad case of the giggles!

What’s your favourite thing about Lisa as a character?

Her loyalty, and ability to make people feel loved and safe.

Can you sum up Keeping Faith in a few words?

A beautifully drama about love, strength and survival.

Source BBC Three

March 4, 2021 5:36am ET by BBC Three  


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