Interview with Celia Imrie on playing Rose Fairchild in the final and third series of Keeping Faith

SERIES 3 KEEPING FAITH 27th March 9pm, BBC One​


BBC Three

What can you tell us about your character Rose?

Tough, regretful, ruthless… wants to make amends with her past but has left it all too late.

What drew you to the role?

Pip Broughton our glorious director, Eve our stupendous lead. And our magnificent producer Maggie Russell, who sowed the seeds of the idea for me to play Rose when I was blown away at the screening of the very first ever episode.

Many of your scenes are filmed on location in South Wales, how did you find the experience?

I adored it, that is one of the great treats of our work, you go to places you might never have had the chance to visit before. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the Welsh language.

Can you sum up Keeping Faith in a few words?

Original, passionate, unsentimental yet heartbreaking.

Source BBC Three

March 4, 2021 5:39am ET by BBC Three  


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